Cosplay - Sailor Scout Uniform DIY Tutorial

February 11, 2017

This project was from July 2016, so my memory is a bit vague on how I made it. I pretty much winged this cosplay though. This was for Comic Con on July 30, 2016. My friend and I wanted to be the cute sailor scout lovers, Sailor Uranus ♅ and Sailor Neptune ♆ !

I first decided to look for other DIY tutorials for the sailor scout uniform. There are a lot. I found one in particular that stood out to me. Yumi King! (Click for video tutorial) I've used her tutorials before because they are simple with clear instructions and very helpful! I liked this video in particular because it was a casual dress... and I still had no idea how I was going to do the waist tube thing.

It's easier for me to visualize the project when drawn out like this. 

I first bought my materials. Fabric from Fabric Mart, and other items from Walmart. I like to check out fabric at Walmart first because it is cheaper.


Can you guess what the eyeballs are for? xD

Now I first started with the collar because that seemed to be the easiest to do. 

You need two of these so you can sew them together.
Front of the collar
Back of the collar (notice the fabric is not shiny)
One mistake that I did (because I was winging it and not thinking) was... I should have sewn the white ribbon trimming on one side of the collar before sewing the two pieces together. Because of that, you could see the white stitching on the back, but it didn't matter too much to me since that was the part  hiding against your back. 

I know Sailor Uranus does not have this white trimming, but it just completes the collar!

Then I made the top (shirt). 
This part was all trial and error; making sure that the top fit my body comfortably. At first, I was not thinking and bought cotton material that was not stretchy... I then bought polyester, which worked perfectly to give that fitted sailor scout look. 

Top pattern is the front, bottom pattern is the back.
Sew both side together, make sure you don't sew the sleeves shut!

We are now going to work on the tubular arm things... I keep forgetting what you call them...

I measured around my arm sleeves for the length, made it about two inches thick and gently stuffed it with filling.

Another thing that I should have done was instead of sewing in the center to give it the two-tube round effect. I should have sewn it directly on the shirt sleeve. Double the work.. but I guess more secure?  

You can see that I had to sew it on the already sewn line in the center. It was a little off, but luckily not noticeable. 

It actually came out pretty nice!!

Yay! We can finally sew the collar to the shirt...

Oh wait, in this picture the sleeves weren't even on haha!

I cut the V-neck more so that you cannot see the white shirt under the collar.

Okay!! Time for the skirt! 
This is probably the most simple, yet frustrating part because so much sewing!!!

You want to fold your fabric n half, and in half again. 

When you cut alone the small pins, it turns into a donut!
We are going to attach these two pieces together!
Before you attach the skirt to the shirt, you have to hem!
Somehow there was a gap... I just sewn it anyways 
Like this was a big gap.. LOL
Sewing the top to the skirt anyways! 

Now that we put together the pieces, we must try it on and....

It fits! A little loose around the waist though, but nbd.

Okay, now this part was so funny and stressful. I made the bow with Yumi King's tutorial (click here)
I was having such a hard and frustrating time trying to figure out why the bow looked... different... and then I realized it was upside down.... :| 

Hilarious how big a difference it makes! Make sure the bigger rectangle is on the bottom...

This is my friend's Neptune outfit I worked on second, so it was a lot more better than my Uranus. 
It was so hard to find this perfect green/teal fabric...
The back bow! It's huge!!! I love it!!

Whoops, I almost forgot to add the choker. I made it about an inch thick (your own preference since you'll be wearing it around your neck). I used velcro as the fastener because it was easiest and cheapest method for me.

Really simple to sew this piece. 
Added the gold-foil star that I bought from Walmart! The small one fits perfectly.
I purchased this wand, along with Sailor Neptune, Chibi Moon, and Sailor Pluto's from eBay.
I wanted to try make them with clay or something, but definitely had no time for that!

Isn't it adorable?!?! 
I also purchased this blonde short wig from eBay for only $5!!! You can really tell that it is cheaply made.. There just wasn't enough hair! But for my costest, I made it look nice~ ;-)

I also forgot to mention, remember those wiggly eyeballs?

Did you figure out that I used them as the center piece of the bow? It was the perfect size! I covered it with fabric using glue gun and I used the pins I bought to pin it to the bow. I also used the pins to pin the bow to the collar. I needed it to be detachable in order to take off the top!
Honestly, I was still debating if I should add the waist tube. This was my biggest challenge. I had no idea how I was going to do this so I made up my own way since the other tutorials online were too complex for me. 

Same thing with the arm tubes, I made this singular tube and filled it with stuffing. Now I decided to attach it to the waist with velcro. Probably not the best way, but if done carefully, you can avoid it from being seen. 
Careful not to stuff it too much!
Here is what it kinda looked like... (super ghetto I know)

On to the tiara! Mine is super ghetto, but I'm on a budget! I used the $0.27 or $0.37 yellow foam sheets I bought from Walmart. I painted them gold. 

Bought these on eBay and they arrived just in time! Only need two out of the entire bag though...
Very messy and ghetto, but I was rushing and made this morning of the convention...
Oh my thumb nail broke too... everything ghetto about this picture.
I had no idea how I was going to attach the tiara to our heads, but then I had a brilliant and lazy idea! We just shoved it under our wigs and it was fine.

Lastly, I cut the skirt shorter, and because hemming was a pain in the butt, we just used a lighter to burn the edge to seal it and prevent from fraying. 
Sadly the only nice picture I could find of our outfits. 
Sorry this was not much of a tutorial, but photos of my cosplay progress! Hopefully these pictures helped a little.. I definitely want to make a legit sailor scout outfit, but these casual ones will have to do for now!

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